Smart Filters Ruin School

11 03 2011

Smart filters… ruin your work, make computers useless, and affect us all.

We should care about filters because they make life impossible. Here at CDS, just about every picture in the Internet and every website is filtered. This is a problem because it keeps students from finding their information. If students cant find the information then after childhood they wont be successful. I think that smart filter should be removed or improved.

Smart Filters are damaging learning.

Often, students try to look at a picture or enter a website for information and the smart filter pops  up saying the website was marked as something “Untitled”. If there were no filters, students could find  information easily. Second, the internet is used daily at CDS and the smart filter always makes projects harder. With the smart filter, students have to search web pages continuously. Last, the problem of the smart filter can be solved by removing it. If  CDS removed it, it would allow students and teachers to have a faster web search and get information easier. It could also be solved by improving it. CDS can improve it by only blocking inappropriate sites. Last option could be bying a iternet 3g flash drive whic gives the bennefits of internet wherever you wan’t and i doesnt come with smart filters the only problem is that it’s not free and you have to pay monthley.

In conclusion, I think we should all help to take smart filters off of Internet. Removing smart filter from the internet would create better grades and a easier life  (also for entertainment ;D) for students. If we work together, we can remove or improve the CDS smart filter.





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23 03 2011

I agree Martin!

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